The Logophile

n. a lover of words






adj. the colour of the sky as the sun is setting 

I watched the sky after a storm and the it glowed a deep orange with slight tinges of red and yellow. It reminded me that beautiful things can be found even after the most horrible storm.



adj. done quickly and without thought

We often talk without thinking at all about what’s coming out of our mouths. Something may seem innocent and harmless to you, however, it could really affect someone else. Words that escape your mouth can never be taken back. 



adj. skillful, artistic, or intricate

Some things are complex because of their intricate details. Yet, that does not necessarily mean that something needs lots of details to be considered art. Even simple things have beauty. 


infinite possibilities 2.JPG


adj. whirling around the universe

It is unsettling to realize how little of the world one will experience during the endeavour of their lifetime. The sensation of frustration one can feel is justified because it does not seem fair that humans are only allowed to inhabit one body for one lifetime, when there is so much to experience. Whirling around the universe, one makes millions, if not, trillions of decisions consciously or unconsciously. Each one of these decisions leads to a unique outcome, however, one never has the chance to explore all the possible decisions or outcomes. That means one should live out every outcome they can to the fullest that they possibly can. It is impossible to live through every experience, yet one can try to enjoy every experience they have the opportunity of living through.



adj. overly aggressive; eager to fight

Until recently ‘hate’ was known to be a powerful word to be used wisely (and if possible not at all). Now, it spews out of the mouths of people as if it has suddenly become acceptable. Everyone is beginning to give rise to the vile monster that had been buried deep within them. They feel pressured to protect themselves from others by spreading this hate, while unknowingly or not, causing only destruction rather than anything that could even remotely be considered positive. 



adj. lacking independence or originality of thought

Enveloped in a whirlwind of daily tasks and duties it is commonplace to forget what it feels like to have an original thought. Having the independence to think without worrying about some future event is the feeling of freedom. An overwhelmingly great sensation. 



adj. exhausted or slightly unwell

Work tends to pile up and in a short amount of time it becomes a humongous mountain. It feels as if you’ll never reach the top and catch up. You discover yourself falling into a bottomless pit of never-ending work. You forget everything else including: family, hobbies, and happiness. It’s a horrible sensation. 



adj. someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature

Music is a form of art that does not need much to accomplish. It is a universal language that does not even need words. One can easily sense the message the creator is trying to convey from the beat and rhythm of the music. Furthermore, one does not necessarily need the knowledge of how to play a musical instrument to make music. People can be found singing in the shower, in the car, and literally anywhere. Even just using your hands and fingers to make music is enough. Appreciate and make some music. 



adj. in existence; not destroyed or lost

We plan for the future and remember the past, but do we ever live in the present? The answer is: not as often as we probably should. The future is a vast unknown thing and the past we cannot change. However, we can live in the present. Learn to cherish what you have now, by living each moment to the fullest.  Stop stressing about things unknown and things past. Life is made up of myriad presents, therefore unwrap each present one at a time. Take your time to slowly indulge each one. 

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