The Logophile

n. a lover of words





adj. one who uses few words in a speech or conversation

The absence of words is just as powerful as the words themselves. Finding peace in the pockets of silence in-between strings of conversation is an art that many struggle to achieve. Silence holds the power to make people uncomfortable, making it more powerful than words in certain occasions.





adj. winding or circuitous

Every problem has more than one path to a common solution. Some may take a longer path to solve for x, while some may take a short-cut. It depends upon the comfort level and experience of each individual because we all lead our own unique lives. Understand that everyone is at a different level in life and that we all have our own ways of solving our problems.



adj. left-handed, or on the left side

There are a myriad of superstitions that have to do with the left side of the body. Most, if not all, of them have negative connotations associated with them. For example, if you get out of bed on the left side, or with the left foot first, then you’ll have a bad day. Even the word ‘sinistral’ sounds like ‘sinister’. Just because the majority of people are right-handed doesn’t mean that they’re better, or luckier, or safer, or more correct than people that are left-handed. We all have two hands and we all use both of our hands. Something as silly as our which hand we use as our dominant hand shouldn’t cause issues between people.



adj. promoting peace

Peace is hard to define, especially with the way things are in the world. The news channels all seeming to smear into one with their coverage on conflicts and disasters happening all around the world. They make peace feel impossible. Yet, sometimes we have to remember that peace can come in a variety of forms. There’s peace between nations, between people, and even with yourself. Find one and the others will follow.



adj. glittering with gold and silver

Not everything shiny is gold and not everything gold is shiny. Sometimes the best things in life are hidden away and require some effort from your part to find. After all, if everything worth your while was easy to find, everyone would have whatever they wanted.



adj. thin; graceful

Love yourself even if society teaches you not to! It’s silly to define beauty or gracefulness simply by someone’s size. Beauty should mean more than the superficialities of life. Colour outside the lines defined by others!




adj. the colour of the sky as the sun is setting 

I watched the sky after a storm and the it glowed a deep orange with slight tinges of red and yellow. It reminded me that beautiful things can be found even after the most horrible storm.



adj. done quickly and without thought

We often talk without thinking at all about what’s coming out of our mouths. Something may seem innocent and harmless to you, however, it could really affect someone else. Words that escape your mouth can never be taken back. 



adj. skillful, artistic, or intricate

Some things are complex because of their intricate details. Yet, that does not necessarily mean that something needs lots of details to be considered art. Even simple things have beauty. 

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