The Logophile

n. a lover of words






n. the rumbling sounds your stomach makes

It terrifies me to think that people everywhere don’t get to eat even one meal a day and have difficulties accessing clean water. We don’t realize how easily we can access these kinds of common necessities, while others struggle to find them. Donate food and toiletries to food banks and shelters because others may depend on them. Also, be kind to those around you because you never know what they’re dealing with.





n. things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence

Silence is powerful. If you can, find a quiet spot and close your eyes. Listen to the background hum of nothingness, mingled with the sturdy thumping of your heartbeat. Let all of your tensions escape into the silence as it envelops you in itself. Silence is underrated, especially in a world full of noises and rowdiness.



n. an end or death

Nothing really ever ends or just dies, somewhere it keeps existing. It could be kept alive in the thrumming heart of another, in the lingering scent of a sweater, or swirling through space as stardust. Everything lost, simply wills its keeper not to let them be forgotten.



n. a sudden outburst of emotion

Emotions are an important part of human interaction; it’s what makes us collectively unique as a species. We rely on them to express how we are feeling, in hopes that others will respect and empathize with us. Yet, many people don’t seem to realize that other people’s emotions exist until they finally burst. Not everyone will agree with you, but that doesn’t mean that you can simply ignore other people’s emotions. Try and empathize with them and respect their feelings.



n. an act of reconciling (to establish friendly relations between two or more people).

When Canadians are asked to describe why they love Canada many are quick to respond: freedom and diversity. However, Canada has had a difficult past, one which we are still struggling to fix. Canada’s indigenous people have unjustly suffered through generations. Numerous indigenous children were forced to leave their homes and live in residential schools, where they lost their cultural ways. They became strangers both inside and outside of their homes.

We are responsible for helping our indigenous people break free of their past.



n. a situation where every possible move or decision is a bad one, or one that will result in damage or loss

Everyone has bad days, weeks, months, and/or years, but no one has a bad lifetime. Sometimes you just have to remember all of the positive things in your life, instead of focusing on all the negativity. There is always a light-switch to be found, it’s just a matter of time and patience until you find one.



n. solution for all problems

Everyone has problems in their life and no one is absolutely tension free. No matter how big or small these problems may be, we stress, worry, and allow our problems to dig ourselves deeper into a pit of tension. We wind ouselves up to a point where it’s impossible to find a calm way out of a situation. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a little bit of breathing room, in order to find a solution. No problem comes without a solution, it’s only a matter of time and patience before we figure it out. 



n. the essential nature of something

 Everything and everyone is different and unique in some way. These differences have started to divide people, when in fact they should be uniting us. We forget that without these essential differences our world would be a bland  and boring place. Diversity is something we should embrace because everyone’s and everthing’s differences make them beautiful and needed. 



n. an imaginary land of luxury and idleness

Somedays I wish I could fly off to a neverland of my own, days when I’ve had enough of reality. However, I’m stuck here, a prisioner, against my will. That’s when I draw, or paint, or simply just read. I lose myself in a separate world, a world of imagination.

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