The Logophile

n. a lover of words





v. to think deeply about something

Sometimes we get so stuck in a spot that we forget how to function. All we know in that moment are the difficulties, pain and problems we are facing. It becomes hard to think. It becomes easy to give up. It is the only option we think we have left; but it isn’t. Learn to take a step away from your problems and open your mind to thoughts. Let anything and everything flow through your head-space because you never know what idea could take on the form of a solution.




v. to stare longingly at at someone who is eating in hope that they will ask you to join them

Food is a significant, if not central, part of most cultures. For example, take the French with all their food related idioms, like: ‘ranconter des salades’ which literally translates to, ‘to tell salads’ and actually means ‘to tell lies’. This may be because food connects people. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are designed to be shared with friends, family, and even pets. Sharing food implies sharing time and stories with others.



v. to emit sparks; to twinkle as the stars

We are all composed of stardust.

With iron flowing through our veins.

Oxygen whirling in our lungs, causing hurricanes.

Carbon forms the basis of our frames.

And calcium is found in our remains.

You are a living universe.

Your light meant to warm and disperse.





v. to bewitch

As a child, I grew up mostly fearless of the things that children are normally scared of. For example,  I wasn’t afraid of the dark, or spiders, or even the dentist! I could never answer the question: “What scares you the most?” and I still can’t answer that question now. I was always curious about the things that frightened others. My little brother wouldn’t venture into the basement alone, so I’d have to go with him and lead the way. I was fascinated by the creepy crawlies that found their way into my abode and it was my duty to safely bring them back outside. Going to the dentist was something I looked forward to, while all my friends would complain about the horrors they would face with each cavity their dentist uncovered. Fear was something I explored rather than something I hid from.




v. to leave somewhere abruptly

Go somewhere, but don’t just go for the touristy things, be there to experience the life that’s found itself living there. It’s alright to sometimes blend into the background and simply observe, but know when to expose yourself to the culture and people around you. Wherever you go (it doesn’t need to be far) learn to experience what it feels like to be a part of something that is more than just you.



v. to travel in a determined manner towards a vague destination

Travelling is the best way to experience the world and its diversity. You get to meet people of different cultures and try new cuisines. It does not matter where you go, as long as you go with an open mind and heart. Dare to try things you haven’t yet and live each moment to the fullest!




v. to burst into bloom

Spring is officially here! With spring comes: showers of pattering rain, adorable rain-boots, enchanting rainbows, blooming flowers, and the return of warm weather (at least in the northern hemisphere). It’s time to once again relish being outdoors!



v. to regard or treat as if of little value or account

Everything has a significant value in someone’s eyes, whether they value the thing in question with emotional and/or monetary value. Nothing is valueless. Everything and everyone counts.



v. to break a bond or binding promise

Promises are more than just a verbal vow. They bind two individuals on the basis of their words. A promise is an assurance built on trust. When someone breaks this special bond, others loose their ability to trust them. Breaking a promise is like letting go of the invisible threads that connect you to another individual.

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