The Logophile

n. a lover of words


projector in the theatre


n. the stars and colours you see when you rub your eyes

There is something magical about the time right before we fall asleep and right before we fully awake. It’s a moment of transition between living and dreaming. Almost like crossing a bridge where we are able to pluck some of our best and worst memories and combine them with what ifs and other possibilities. Where we are able to imagine anything we want and let our minds wander.




v. to stare longingly at at someone who is eating in hope that they will ask you to join them

Food is a significant, if not central, part of most cultures. For example, take the French with all their food related idioms, like: ‘ranconter des salades’ which literally translates to, ‘to tell salads’ and actually means ‘to tell lies’. This may be because food connects people. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are designed to be shared with friends, family, and even pets. Sharing food implies sharing time and stories with others.



adj. left-handed, or on the left side

There are a myriad of superstitions that have to do with the left side of the body. Most, if not all, of them have negative connotations associated with them. For example, if you get out of bed on the left side, or with the left foot first, then you’ll have a bad day. Even the word ‘sinistral’ sounds like ‘sinister’. Just because the majority of people are right-handed doesn’t mean that they’re better, or luckier, or safer, or more correct than people that are left-handed. We all have two hands and we all use both of our hands. Something as silly as our which hand we use as our dominant hand shouldn’t cause issues between people.




n. the rumbling sounds your stomach makes

It terrifies me to think that people everywhere don’t get to eat even one meal a day and have difficulties accessing clean water. We don’t realize how easily we can access these kinds of common necessities, while others struggle to find them. Donate food and toiletries to food banks and shelters because others may depend on them. Also, be kind to those around you because you never know what they’re dealing with.



v. to emit sparks; to twinkle as the stars

We are all composed of stardust.

With iron flowing through our veins.

Oxygen whirling in our lungs, causing hurricanes.

Carbon forms the basis of our frames.

And calcium is found in our remains.

You are a living universe.

Your light meant to warm and disperse.





adj. promoting peace

Peace is hard to define, especially with the way things are in the world. The news channels all seeming to smear into one with their coverage on conflicts and disasters happening all around the world. They make peace feel impossible. Yet, sometimes we have to remember that peace can come in a variety of forms. There’s peace between nations, between people, and even with yourself. Find one and the others will follow.




n. things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence

Silence is powerful. If you can, find a quiet spot and close your eyes. Listen to the background hum of nothingness, mingled with the sturdy thumping of your heartbeat. Let all of your tensions escape into the silence as it envelops you in itself. Silence is underrated, especially in a world full of noises and rowdiness.



v. to bewitch

As a child, I grew up mostly fearless of the things that children are normally scared of. For example,  I wasn’t afraid of the dark, or spiders, or even the dentist! I could never answer the question: “What scares you the most?” and I still can’t answer that question now. I was always curious about the things that frightened others. My little brother wouldn’t venture into the basement alone, so I’d have to go with him and lead the way. I was fascinated by the creepy crawlies that found their way into my abode and it was my duty to safely bring them back outside. Going to the dentist was something I looked forward to, while all my friends would complain about the horrors they would face with each cavity their dentist uncovered. Fear was something I explored rather than something I hid from.



adj. glittering with gold and silver

Not everything shiny is gold and not everything gold is shiny. Sometimes the best things in life are hidden away and require some effort from your part to find. After all, if everything worth your while was easy to find, everyone would have whatever they wanted.

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