The Logophile

n. a lover of words




adj. the colour of the sky as the sun is setting 

I watched the sky after a storm and the it glowed a deep orange with slight tinges of red and yellow. It reminded me that beautiful things can be found even after the most horrible storm.



n. the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are not able to relate to it

Share your experiences, even if others cannot relate to it. Sharing an experience that is unique to you, is like giving someone else a piece of yourself. A piece of your story, something for people to remember you by. But more importantly, something that you only you lived through, but gave as a an opportunity to others to experience through your eyes.



v. to regard or treat as if of little value or account

Everything has a significant value in someone’s eyes, whether they value the thing in question with emotional and/or monetary value. Nothing is valueless. Everything and everyone counts.



n. something combining both strength with sweetness

Strength an sweetness are a deadly combination of attributes. If one attacks a problem with their strength and a pinch of sweetness, they are twice as likely to find a beneficial solution to their predicament.




n. the fear of plants and flowers

Flowers are pretty, right? Wrong, not all flowers are as pretty on the inside as they appear to be on the outside. Myriad flowers, while seemingly innocent and simply for show, are actually quite poisonous. Something’s outward appearance can easily fool an onlooker. Therefore, one must look past it to reveal it’s true intentions. Beauty cannot be defined by simply examining outward appearances.



v. to break a bond or binding promise

Promises are more than just a verbal vow. They bind two individuals on the basis of their words. A promise is an assurance built on trust. When someone breaks this special bond, others loose their ability to trust them. Breaking a promise is like letting go of the invisible threads that connect you to another individual.



adj. done quickly and without thought

We often talk without thinking at all about what’s coming out of our mouths. Something may seem innocent and harmless to you, however, it could really affect someone else. Words that escape your mouth can never be taken back. 



n. the practice of seeing life with wonder

There is so much to do, eat, make, and see. Imagine living in such a way that you wake up everyday ready to experience life with wonder. Everything can be seen in myriad ways, especially wonder and curiosity. 



n. the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfect or mastered

Perfect does not exist, therefore there is no point in stressing yourself out to achieve it. Try to be the best you can be. Treat everyone and everything fairly and be a  considerate human being. 

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